Software Development

We would love to help you as we’ve helped others. Not just craft a solution to your business problem, but help you determine the right problems to solve. We’ll discuss opportunities to reduce the scope and cost of the project, and determine milestones that build on each other and prioritize work based on ROI.

Our clients are primarily midmarket companies and funded startups who sell or market online. Projects typically fall into two areas:

Startup MVP

Building your minimum viable product on robust technology. For web development, we use a high productivity framework called Grails. It allows fast development and high performance, typically running 4-5 times faster than competing frameworks like Rails, Django, or Cake, or Symfony. Responsive design covers most mobile use cases cost effectively, however mobile app development is available when appropriate.


Our consultants have experience with both new shops and enterprise customers switching platforms, making anywhere between 6 to 9 figures in online revenue. We will analyze your needs and help you select the appropriate platform, then integrate it with your internal systems (ERP, order management, etc.) and 3rd parties (shipping, tax, remarketing, analytics, etc). We have special experience building dashboards and marketing automation systems, or integrating the same.

Enterprise Development

Our consultants have extensive experience with enterprise Java development, including architecting and integrating high throughput systems with many users. This includes big data processing and insights through data science.

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