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It is unbelievable how much money you can waste on enterprise software. Let me tell you a story.

We were in our weekly status meeting with the client and vendor present. The vendor’s account rep was exasperated. We kept saying the same thing, week after week: you need to catch up. We’ve got a Black Friday deadline to meet, and you’re the bottleneck. Finally, he lost his cool.

“Look. We’re all really impressed with what you’re doing. But you have to understand, it typically takes us nine months to launch an ecommerce site. And it costs a million dollars. So, can you be a little patient?”

Did he just-? In front of the customer? He did. He just told everyone that our small, independent team, which had never even seen this software before, was delivering for less than half the cost, and in a third of the time, that the vendor would have taken.

The amazing thing? If the client had engaged us before choosing the software, we would have saved them even more money. Why? We would have advised against that software from the start.

For over 20 years, I’ve been researching and selecting enterprise software for organizations like NASA, Boeing, and Toyota, and have led enterprise ecommerce engagements for several major brands. I’m happy to share this irreverent guide to enterprise software, with content you’ll never read in a Gartner Group report. I explain:

  • Why enterprise software is so complex.
  • The wrong place that everyone looks for answers, and where to go instead.
  • The one question nobody asks, but should.

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