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More interviews, more offers, and more money.

I’ve had a unique career path. Started out normal, CS degree, developer job at JPL, then team lead. Then it kind of went everywhere: system and administrator, project manager, product manager, practice lead, startup cofounder, consulting CTO. Which isn’t that crazy until I added contingency recruiter.

Everyone was lamenting about how bad tech hiring is so I gave it a shot. I had always studied careers, but now it was my business. Created a program to data mine job boards to discover trends (that didn’t match what pundits said). Created a tech interview meetup, practiced questions myself, mentored developers. Discussed the issue with fellow software execs.

I didn’t solve the hiring problem. Honestly, I don’t know that it can be fixed industry-wide. But I did develop a perspective I haven’t seen anyone else talk about. On LinkedIn, you get short and inspirational posts that are fun to share, but change little. This is in-depth, prescriptive, and designed to change your life.

What You’ll Learn

We start with some quick tactics, then get into strategy.

  • Resume mistakes that keep you from getting hired and tips that get you noticed
  • Interview preparation, including a huge list of videos, courses, books, and sites to master coding interviews – most of it free. Plus what to ask, wear, do, etc. to get an edge.
  • Career strategies that factor in the reality of today’s job market, including what it rewards and punishes:
    • should you specialize? and how?
    • choosing an employer
    • creating an action plan (or digging yourself out of a hole)
    • the truth about side projects
    • finding the perfect mentors
    • evaluating offers
    • certifications

Honestly, now that hundreds have taken the course, I know many skip the strategy part. Nobody will force you to read it, but those who follow the advice are making about $50-100K more (per year!) than those who don’t. And not just in Silicon Valley.


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Why am I doing this?

Because I love helping people, but don’t have time for all the one-on-ones I’m asked to do. So I’m automating my advice giving. Good news is this is more effective because, on the spot, I’m not going to remember everything I wrote here.

But I’ll make you a promise. If you read everything, I will answer any of your specific questions that weren’t covered in the course. Just hit reply and ask.


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I may reach out if I have something you could get value from, but I’ll never abuse your trust in me.


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