Get a Better Developer Job!

More interviews, more offers, and more money.

This email course is designed to maximize your career potential, and in many cases, repair any damage that was done. The end result is better job security, higher income, and better work-life balance. You’ll lose the anxiety that comes from having no direction or being unsure of the path you’re taking.

The course is based on reality, not opinions or conjecture, focused on the current job market and hiring process. It leverages my 20 years of experience as a developer, consultant, hiring manager, and recruiter, and many frank conversations with other hiring managers. The bad news is that the system is far from perfect. The good news is that you can hack it like a Raspberry Pi.

The course is front-loaded with with actionable info to get your foot in the door and pass the interview, since many of the people who come to me are actively looking for work. After that, it guides you onto the correct path for you, by considering your strengths, interests, and existing experience. It includes:

  • Resume mistakes that keep you from getting hired and tips that get you noticed
  • Interview preparation, including a huge list of videos, courses, books, and sites to master coding interviews – most of it free. Plus what to ask, wear, do, etc. to get an edge.
  • Career strategies that factor in the reality of today’s job market, including what it rewards and punishes:
    • should you specialize? and how?
    • choosing an employer
    • creating an action plan (or digging yourself out of a hole)
    • the truth about side projects
    • finding the perfect mentors
    • evaluating offers

After you’ve gone through it, if you have questions I’m here to answer them. Even if you’re not ready to switch jobs, I highly recommend signing up. You’re in the perfect position to optimize or course-correct. I include some quick fixes and hacks, but much of the course helps you develop a mindset and plan that gives returns over your entire career. It’s free for now, but that may change in the future.


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