Project Rescue

Was your software project delayed again? You’re investing in software to make money or lower expenses. Each delay not only adds to your development costs but loses you money in lost opportunity. It might even lose you customers.

We put it back on track. We work with you and your software team to determine what’s causing delays. It may not be what you think. Then we deliver an action plan to accelerate your time to market with a quality product.

There are many different factors that affect a project’s schedule, and each project is unique. But there are common problems that we address.

Do you find the software development process unclear? Most clients who outsource development have deep domain knowledge but lack software firsthand development experience. Outsourcing partners often fail to take the time to educate their clients on the fundamental principles of software development, which can lead to expectations out of line with reality.

We educate you on the principles of development so you can better understand what is going on and why. This leads to less stress and better business decisions.

Have you ever thought, “This isn’t what I asked for, after reviewing the latest deployment? The most expensive mistake in software is building the wrong thing. This can significantly add to your schedule and cost. And these problems rarely arise from the client not knowing what they need, but rather miscommunication and misunderstanding.

We improve client/partner communication and ensure everyone is speaking the same language so these mistakes are avoided.

Is your project’s status often unclear? The wrong project management style (or poorly configured PM systems) will leave you wondering what is going on with your project. They may even remove incentives to build a quality product. And make it harder to bring on new people or move development in-house.

We ensure you’re using the right management methods for your project, and the tools (such as JIRA) are properly configured to support them. This leads to greater efficiency, transparency, and supports contingency planning.

Do you find more bugs than you expected? Quality problems are often found in late projects. If you’re discovering the bugs before the programmers, the cost to fix them goes up. As Paul Graham said, users can accept reduced features, but bugs will send them packing.

We find ways to improve quality without high cost.

Do you wish the developers could just work faster? They probably can. No, we don’t assume they are dragging their feet. But it’s unlikely they’ve had productivity training aimed at developers.

We are experts at boosting programmer productivity at the team and individual level. We will examine the team’s practices and recommend clear improvements that will save them time and boost product quality. Because it doesn’t matter if they work fast but produce a buggy product.

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Is it too late for this?

When you are close to launching, you might assume it’s too late to improve productivity. However, development doesn’t stop after you launch. It stops after you’ve failed. Assuming your project is still worthwhile and you have the budget to complete it, this engagement will pay for itself many times over and continue to do so after you launch.

Can we afford it?

If we can’t see the engagement paying for itself in recaptured productivity and better quality, we will tell you so. If we discover you’re already doing everything right, we’ll refund your money. However, in our experience, late projects have a lot of room for improvement. And they are often headed down a path of quick and dirty shortcuts that add costs (technical debt) rather than save them.

How will the developers feel?

Like you, they will feel relieved and positive about the future. After speaking to hundreds about programmer productivity, we know that all good developers want to be more productive. It’s great for their careers. And the opposite is true: an environment of low productivity and low morale motivates developers to quit. That’s the last thing you need on a late project.

What if we’re already using agile?

This is not an agile training, transformation, or any specific methodology. Everything we recommend is in line with the principles of software development and cognitive science, hence it is compatible with every methodology: Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, etc.

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