Project Kickstart

The most expensive mistake you can make?

Building the wrong thing.

The Project Kickstart engagement sets your project up right. It minimizes both the chance of failure and the cost to build. We can cut costs by up to 50% over the lifetime of the project. But there are other benefits, too.

Avoid expensive changes.
The later you discover a requirement, the more expensive it is to change. Doing deep analysis and finding edge cases will ensure you avoid a brittle architecture that will be costly to modify.

Capture opportunities to save.
Software architects specify requirements in a way that empowers programmers to find the most efficient path forward. Ironically, your creativity and flair for design can lead you to be too prescriptive in your requirements. That can cost a lot more to implement.

Protect your IP and avoid vendor lock-in.
Many outsourcing vendors offer to use their own project tracking system and code repository. But this places your IP in their system and makes it harder to switch vendors if required. We ensure you maintain control over your requirements and code.

Launch faster.
Once you tell us your needs, we can recommend technologies that fit the problem and get you to market faster. It also ensures you’ll be able to staff the project efficiently. If you’re outsourcing, this

Avoid bad apples.
Whether you’re hiring individuals or an agency, we’ll advise your selection to avoid vendors and programmers who are not a good fit. We know the shady practices unscrupulous agencies employ so you can spot the bad ones.

Avoid disaster.
Let’s be honest: most clients hire us for the Accelerator project when things are going poorly. Missed deadlines, bugs, turnover, cost overruns. Some decide to start over. If they had started with the Project Kickstart, they’d have been empowered to avoid that situation.

Planning something great?

Let’s talk. This is fixed price and can be done in less than a week, completely remotely. For most, it’s an exceptionally high ROI engagement.

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