Technology Selection

We’re experts in selecting enterprise technology. Ecommerce, CRM, analytics, marketing automation, project management, developer tools, etc. We’ve done this for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Getting the right platform for your business is critical.

We’ve created an insider’s guide to air some industry dirty laundry. It is unbelievable how much money you can waste on an enterprise software project, and most IT managers make the same mistakes from the start. Learn more in our white paper, “Enterprise Software Confidential.

Productivity Workshop

We train your engineering team on the principles of individual and team productivity. This increases production and leads to happier employees with lower turnover. It involves:

  • educating employees on the cognitive science behind productivity
  • evaluating your current practices
  • introducing new practices that boost productivity without harming your culture

Most importantly, we calculate the value of these new practices. This results in a clear budget for equipment and practices that benefit the company and its employees. It’s a guaranteed win/win.

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