Senior Jawa Engineer

Senior Jawa Engineer

Location: Tatooine,  Outer Rim Territories
Type: Permanent

A well established clan is looking for a Senior Jawa Engineer to take their heavy equipment to the next level. You’ll make significant performance improvements to their sandcrawlers, increasing crawling efficiency, hardening them against sandstorms, and improving sensors to detect crashed ships and buried parts. You should also have experience with podracing vehicle salvage.

You won’t spend much time on things like vaporator repair, but you will be expected to mentor junior Jawa engineers on the finer points of refurbishing broken droids to appear fully functional and ready for market. Bonus points if you’re fluent in Trade Talk.

The clan has a great reputation and a solid working relationship with diverse clients, from the Hutts to moisture farmers. They’re also on good terms with Tuskan Raiders. Culturally, we’re looking for someone who embraces “good enough” engineering. Perfectionists have no place here.

Compensation is excellent; you’ll be paid in wupiupi, which has a favorable conversion rate to Imperial Credits. Not to mention 24/7 access to our well-stocked snack bar with all you can drink Jawa juice!

Note: You may be subject to random Midi-chlorian testing.

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