What makes engineering managers happy?

Here’s what developers can do to make me happy (in no particular order):

  • Ask questions.
  • Find a problem in the requirements or specification (edge cases).
  • Ask for input, help, or validation of complex solutions.
  • Discover and share the tradeoffs of a solution.
  • Anticipate damaging or malicious user actions.
  • Perform a task breakdown before estimating.
  • Write readable code:
    • no errors from static code analysis
    • consistent style
    • names conform to project terminology, AKA ubiquitous language
    • documented and commented
  • Test.
  • Suggest improvements during code reviews.
  • Share lessons learned with the team.
  • Suggest process improvements.

This can be boiled down to two things:

  • communicate
  • analyze

Communication is the more important of the two because if you communicate well, it becomes obvious if more analysis is needed.

Together, the above:

  • lowers costs
  • lowers risk
  • lowers defects
  • strengthens developers

What makes you happy? Tell me below.